Easter Egg Guide 

Okay, eagle-eyed readers -- how many of the Easter Eggs scattered throughout the CODE NAME: K comic did you find? Here's a peek at some of our favorites.

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Credits Page

The title is a riff on JK's web series “Some Good News” and a tribute to the talented Ms. EB.

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Page 1, Panel 1

DAY 89 refers to the opening of A QUIET PLACE. The 89th day of the aftermath of when “They” arrived.

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Page 2, Panel 2

JK is sporting a Red Sox Tee Shirt because we know he is a BIG fan of the SOX!

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Page 4, Panel 2 (and beyond)

This scene takes place in the shadow of Fenway Park in Boston because… can you EVER get enough of the SOX?


Throughout this scene, THE KOWL is speaking in a classic Boston accent in tribute to the Hyundai Super Bowl commercial in which JK starred with Rachel Dratch, David “Big Papi” Ortiz, and some guy named Chris.

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Page 5, Panel 1

A tribute to JK’s role as Jim Halpert in the tv series THE OFFICE.


The cemetery is located in Scranton, Pa.


The names on the tombstones are of some of Jim’s coworkers at The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.


The sword that KUTTER is using was inherited from Jim Halpert’s friend and
arch-nemesis Dwight Schrute.

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Page 5, Panel 3

The bar in which the KRIMSON KLAW is taking care of business is called “BAR-NINE”. This is in tribute to the nine bartending jobs from which JK says he was fired.

Page 5, Panel 4

JK has said his not-so-secret celebrity crush is Vanna White. So, who better to put
on K’s arm?

Page 6, Panel 1

The call letters on KRASH KOSMIC’s space cycle are a combination of JK’s middle name and birthday.

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Page 6, Panel 2

The land from which the enemies of GODKRUSHER come is called Out of Bounds, referring to the sketch comedy group JK was part of while attending Brown University.

Page 6, Panel 3

KINGFISHER has nothing on JK. When he was 17 and teaching English in Costa Rica, JK saved a young woman from drowning.

Page 6, Panel 4

The town is a “quiet place.” The showdown is with an alien. We think even KOLT .45 can figure THIS one out!.

Page 7, Panel 2

JK interned at Hill Holliday Advertising Agency, so KINETIC is dealing with robbers at a bank of the same name.

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Page 8, Panel 1

JK’s brothers (Kevin and Paul) are both taller than the 6’3” celebrity. So, we decided to exaggerate the height difference-- by a LOT-- with the BROTHERS K.

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Page 8, Panel 2

JK was an intern for LATE NIGHT with CONAN O’BRIEN. So, when KUTLASS battles the MAGE OF RED… we have NO idea who that could be!

Page 8, Panel 3

Permit the creators an inside joke. It involves a major comic book company, a certain wall-crawling hero, and clones… lots and lots of CLONES!

Page 8, Panel 4

“...more of a hero than anyone named Chris” ...we have NO idea who the narrator is talking about, but JK, as DOC KANNON, is better than them BOTH!


FINN is both JK’s and Doc Kannon’s loyal companion… and a very good boy!

Page 12

On the bookshelves behind JK we see a smattering of references to his life thus far…


Leatherheads was a 2008 movie in which JK starred alongside George Clooney.


Brown University is JK’s Alma Mater.

While in college, JK helped coach youth basketball in Rhode Island.

JK co-produces the musical reality television series LIP SYNC BATTLE.

There might even be a few more scattered throughout if you look close enough.

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